Do You Really Know Your Carlsbad Locksmith?

Posted on Thursday, October 7, 2010 in Locksmith San Diego, locksmith scam

It’s a question you really don’t think about. You think of a locksmith with same consideration of a plumber, or electrician. A service guy who fixes a problem then leaves, and you don’t need to worry about it until it needs to be fixed or serviced again. A locksmith doesn’t fall under that category.

A locksmith is a professional to be compared with a family doctor, or a trusted mechanic who wont over charge you, and tells you whats really wrong with your car. The reason being, locksmiths are in close personal ties with your locks; the things that keep thieves out of your home, keep you sleeping soundly knowing that you wont be intruded on. Locks are an essential part of keeping your mind at ease, and those expensive things you cherish in your possession. When you call a locksmith to change your locks, or make a key, that person has direct access to your locks pin combination ( the part of the lock that meets up with your key to monitor access ). If you don’t do your homework correctly, you could end up being part of the Nation Wide ( yes, Nation Wide ) Locksmith Scam.

When you hear the word nation wide, you don’t think Carlsbad, Ca, or the fact that in you calling a local locksmith in Carlsbad could be part of this scam? Let’s step back a moment, and observe what this Locksmith Scam is. If you want the fast answer, give yourself a hot minute to check out the video below.

Scary huh? The thing is though, regardless of media coverage, this horrible scam still goes on rampant. In the San Diego area alone 91% of the ads in the phone book and web sites online are these “Scammers”. These scammers have a perfected system of duck and dodge that keeps them in business because you, the customer, aren’t up to date on whats happening. Mr. Keyman has remained vigilant, on this cause, and although we blog as much as we can regarding this scam, it still happens in our local San Diego County and yes Carlsbad, Ca Neighborhoods. If you live in or around any of these neighborhoods below, you need to be aware if your calling a Carlsbad locksmith.

Bressi Ranch
Carlsbad Village
Casa Laguna
Faraday Spectrum
La Costa
La Costa Greens
La Costa Oaks
La Costa Ridge
La Costa Valley 
Magnolia Phase
Ocean Mist
Olde Carlsbad
Pacific Sunset
Rancho Carrillo
Riva Gardens
Robertson Ranch
Roosevelt Garden
Sea Shore on the Sand
Sunny Creek
The Barrio | Elm
The Bluffs
The Colony
The Summit
Village by the Sea

So, besides the scam, what else do you need to keep yourself safe from. Well, if you don’t know who’s arriving to your house to change your locks, and to make a series of keys for your new home, something you should keep in mind is that this “locksmith” goes back to his van and makes copies of keys. If you don’t know who your locksmith is, this is something of your concern. The locksmith could make copies for himself, after being welcomed into your home and come back later and rob you! This all sounds like something on television but its very real.

This post has been all doom and gloom, but it’s important to know these things, especially in these tough financial times. Be careful, and be vigilant, and know your locksmith. Mr. Keyman has made a reputation for educating our customers, and even if our price isn’t right for you, we refer you to one of the many trusted local locksmiths in in San Diego County.

Doom and gloom aside, if you are looking for locksmith service know exactly what to ask for.

Automotive Locksmithing

  • transponder keys
  • ignition repair
  • car door unlocking
  • trunk unlocking
  • automotive lock out
  • VATS keys
  • removing broken keys
  • key fobs
  • replacing automotive door locks

Residential Locksmithing

  • locks changed
  • locks replaced
  • lost keys replaced
  • lock repair
  • broken keys
  • mailbox locks
  • deadbolts
  • new locks

Motorcycle Locksmithing

  • broken motor cycle keys
  • unlock gas caps
  • lost motorcycle keys
  • replace motorcycle keys
  • open seat locks
  • motorcycle key replacement
  • custom motorcycle keys

Commercial Locksmithing

  • Commercial lock out
  • Commercial grade lock installation
  • safes
  • business locks changed
  • commercial rekey
  • access control
  • card reader systems
  • commercial mailboxes
  • master key systems
  • fire exit hardware
  • panic bar hardware

Mr. Keyman Store Update

Posted on Thursday, October 7, 2010 in Mr. Keyman

What your Looking at is the beginning of a dream conceived just barely over a year ago.

Last August Mr. Keyman was created with the goal of becoming a top notch service franchise. We had goals, a business plan, and  a CEO with a knack for making things happen. The picture above is what  imported Italian tile looks like going into the first Mr. Keyman Security Center.

The Mr. Keyman Security Center was a short term goal for our first year, and the fact that these goals have been met with with surgical precision is badge of honor to the team behind the Mr. Keyman brand. The Mr. Keyman pilot store is on track with our projected November opening date, and promises to deliver where others in the industry have fallen short.

When designing the retail outlet for Mr. Keyman, all manner of things were considered by the design firm hired. Color pallets, implied lines, brand integration, and visual aids to carry our customers around the store to experience all things security. We are assured that customers will receive the Mr. Keyman Security Center with the same warmth and admission as the Mr. Keyman service brand.

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What You Should Consider Before Choosing a Carlsbad Locksmith

Posted on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 in Locksmith San Diego

So, here’s the senario.

You get locked out of your home in La Costa, and go next door to your neighbors house to find a locksmith on the Internet. At a time like this, you don’t really think about screening a locksmith company before letting one come out to to your home. You might see Google ads on the top on the search result page saying $29 dollar locksmith, or choose one of the first companies to come up in your search results and call. When you call the dispatcher tells you it will be $35 dollars to come out and help you.

When the locksmith arrives at your Carlsbad home he then tells you the service call is $35 and lock out labor  is going to be $85 dollars. You just want to get back into your home, so you tell him to go ahead. After fiddling with the lock he goes back to his unmarked van and comes back to you door with a drill. The unknown locksmith then goes ahead to drill out the lock because he says the lock cannot be picked.

After drilling the lock, the locksmith puts on a new lock, with new keys and then the total bill comes out to around $250. You hesitate and tell the locksmith that you were told a lesser price, he then bully’s you into paying the inflated price.

Believe it or not this is a typical scenario. The reason being that right now currently there is a nation wide locksmith scam going in the United States. It doesnt matter if you need a Carlsbad locksmith or a Las Vegas locksmith. All over the country this is happening to the over 350,000 people a day who call for lock out service. This locksmith scam is attributed to a network of shady companies who employ non Americans who are here in the country. They do this for two reasons.

One: It’s almost impossible to file a complaint about a un-documented worker. The company attached to the phone number you called could just very well say that the locksmith they sent out there has never been employed by them.

Two: There is no way to track your service call because  the receipt is usually just a piece of paper…not attached to any sort of tracking database. It’s just a generic receipt book that you can purchase at any office supply store.

Don’t be the next notch on the belt of this scam. Call a Carlsbad locksmith that will give you the best price, and the most honest service you can get from a locksmith security company. Typically a lock out costs around $65 dollars total. This includes all labor, and in 90% of cases a legitimate locksmith can pick a lock saving you money and time.

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Oceanside, Ca Locksmith | Mr. Keyman

Posted on Monday, May 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
picture of Oceanside,Ca Sunset


Oceanside, Ca Locksmith Coupon

Oceanside, Ca Locksmith

Mr. Keyman has always geared towards  excellence and superiority in Oceanside, Ca for our locksmith services. Now we have re-vamped our web site for our oceanside locksmith clients and customers.

Now, you can choose by region where you need locksmith service in the beautiful city of Oceanside,Ca. We want to also thank our Oceanside customers for all the referrals and shout outs we hear while driving our service vehicles.

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Chula Vista, Ca Locksmith in Chula Vista

Posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
Chula Vista, Ca

Chula Vista, Ca

Mr. Keyman has added a new service route in San Diego County.  A short while ago, we had our first Chula Vista, Ca
locksmith client.Our Locksmith Service Technician for the greater San Diego area noticed a need for a local
Chula Vista locksmith. He returned after the service call from the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater and brought it to
the attention of our dispatch.

Long story longer, our driver was right, and we now have a local Locksmith Technician serving the thriving city
of Chula Vista, Ca. So now if you are locked out and need a Locksmith in Chula Vista, whether it be at Knotts Soak
City, Downtown @ the OnStage Playhouse, the U.S. Olympic Training Center,  Chula Vista Harbor, or just enjoying
nature at Otay Valley Regional Park ; Mr. Keyman has you covered. Just visit our newly created web site to serve
the community of Chula Vista

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Spring Valley Locksmith

Posted on Monday, March 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Due to the high number of service inquiry calls, Mr. Keyman has expanded our service area into
Spring Valley. We can’t help but express the feeling of gratitude back to the people of Spring Valley.
Almost every service call we have received from the area, we have had a good experience. The
locals are very charming, and the fusion of diversity is a breath of fresh air.

This local “potpourri” has given rise to many notable local names.

Nick Cannon : Cannon was born in San Diego to Beth Gardner and James Cannon, a televangelist who hosted a
public access TV ministry in Charlotte, North Carolina.As a child, Cannon divided his time with his mother and
grandmother in San Diego, and with his father in Charlotte. He began performing at the age of eight, and at the age
of eleven, he landed a spot on his father’s cable access program performing stand-up comedy.

Reggie Bush : Before attending USC, Bush was a running back out of Helix High School in San Diego. When head
coach Pete Carroll recruited Bush for USC, he envisioned using Bush as a five-way threat. The freshman quickly
proved he could carry, catch, throw and return the ball effectively. In 2003, he was a consensus First-team
Freshman All-American selection and became the first Trojan since Anthony Davis in 1974 to lead the Pac-10
in kickoff returns. His 1,331 all-purpose yards set a USC freshman record. ESPN’s Pac-10 Newcomer of the Year
also amassed 521 yards rushing, with three touchdowns on 90 carries that year.

From this evidence alone we can see Spring Valley, Ca is a breeding ground for good people and great ideas.
Mr. Keyman is  proud to be a local Spring Valley locksmith, and next time you call a locksmith in Spring Valley
give your new neighbors a call, Mr. Keyman.

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Schlage & Kwikset Act 2 | Bonsall Locksmith

Posted on Saturday, March 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

CARMEL, IN– Schlage Lock Company, LLC announced that it is the target of a patent infringement and false
advertising lawsuit concerning its SecureKey™ rekeyable lock technology. The lawsuit against Schlage was
filed by Kwikset Corporation and alleges that Schlage infringes two Kwikset patents and that Schlage’s
statement that its product is “10 Times More Secure” than competitive products is false. Schlage believes
that Kwikset’s claims are without merit.

“When we set out to design the SecureKey product, we wanted an innovative product that provided a
higher level of security than any other product in our channel, not just a new lock,” said John Evans,
VP of Marketing and Product Management for the Residential Solutions Sector of Ingersoll Rand, the
parent company of Schlage. “Our SecureKey product includes neither of the claimed features covered
by the two Kwikset patents, and we are confident that the statements used in the sale and advertisements
of our products, in their entirety, are correct.”

Schlage believes the Kwikset lawsuit was filed for the improper purpose of attempting to impact Schlage’s
release of the SecureKey rekeyable lock technology into the marketplace. Schlage intends to fully and
vigorously defend its rights in the lawsuit and will seek damages from Kwikset for being forced to defend
itself against these baseless claims.

About the SecureKey Technology

SecureKey locks and deadbolts employ a new high-security design that enables them to be rekeyed in
seconds—without removal from the door and without compromising security. Security is actually
enhanced through the use of a pick-resistant Grade 1* cylinder and a special locking sidebar that protects
against lock bumping. The SecureKey design is 10 times more secure from key duplication than other
rekeyable systems on the market and costs the same as Schlage’s conventional locks. It will be available
in all styles of residential deadbolts and door locks, including handlesets.

A plus sign on the face of the lock cylinder makes it easy to identify SecureKey products, which can be
keyed to other Schlage C keyway 5-pin products, making it easy to manage keys with existing locks.

To read the rest of this article, visit Locksmith Ledger Magazine Online.


Bonsall,Ca Locksmith

Bonsall, Ca

Bonsall, Ca

Mr. Keyman has been keeping up on Locksmith Ledger Magazine’s coverage of this dispute. While we are
neutral on who copied who, we do believe that both companies make lines of product that are good at what
they do best; keeping you safe.

Our recommendation to the consumer is to think about the application your lock will fulfill, then make your
decision based on the pros and cons Kwikset and Schlage have to offer.Just recently we have been expanding our
mobile locksmith coverage to the quiet town of Bonsall ,Ca. . One of our first Bonsall locksmith customers had
purchased a Kwikset Smart Code lock for the front door of their house. The install was not unlike many keypad locks
Schlage manufactures, but the customer wanted integration of his personal security system. Currently this is not
offered for Kwikset’s line, and Mr. Keyman’s mobile locksmith in Bonsall informed our client that Kwiksets
competitor Schalge offers a integrated security system that works with his DIY home security system.

So, what our Bonsall locksmith client ultimately decided was that for his budget, Kwikset’s Smart Code lock was the
better option. He did however like the synthesis of Schalge’s system, but wanted to integrate Schalge’s LiNK with
his existing DIY home security system. Buying the necessary infrastructure to make that happen was not a fiscal option.

SO, to make a long story longer.Even though the current legal proceedings between the two companies have nothing to
do with the Keypad systems that our Bonsall locksmith client inquired about. It does show that two companies who
try to improve on a technology ( modern locks in general ) that has its roots in the pre-industrial age, will do nothing
but take each of the two company’s time slinging mud in the legal arena. The real decider is the consumer’s vote by
purchasing the product that will do two things for them. First, keep them safe when they are away from home and/or
asleep. Secondly,  how seamlessly the technology organically integrates with existing DIY security systems that are
becoming more and more popular with a tech savvy consumer.

It’s not about owning infrastructure, it’s about being the first to “own” the innovation.

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Schalge & Kwikset Enter the Thunderdome| Rancho Santa Fe Locksmith

Posted on Friday, March 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

LAKE FOREST, Calif. – On March 2, Kwikset Corp. (Kwikset) amended a previously filed patent infringement lawsuit
against Schlage Lock Company LLC (Schlage) for false advertising or “false and misleading claims” involving its
proprietary SmartKey™re-keytechnology.

Kwikset, a leading provider of door hardware and locksets, is alleging that Schlage’s advertising and packaging for
the Schlage SecureKey product contains false and misleading statements – principally that SecureKey products are
“10 Times More Secure” than other lock products.

The suit has been filed in United States District Court for the District of Delaware. In addition to claiming false
advertising, Kwikset seeks an injunction against Schlage for further acts of false advertising, as well as monetary

Kwikset introduced SmartKey re-key technology in April 2007. Schlage introduced SecureKey in mid-January

“For more than 60 years, Kwikset has been a leader in the development of innovative residential door security
hardware and technologies,” said Brent Flaharty, vice president, Marketing, Kwikset. “Our primary goal is, and
has always been, the safety and security of our customers. Kwikset will be as vigilant about protecting our rights
to intellectual property as we are about protecting the public.”

Read the Rest of this article at Locksmith Ledger

Rancho Santa Fe Locksmith

Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe

Mr. Keyman Has Just Added a new location to our
San Diego Locksmith service area. It’s  in response
to the recent number of calls coming out of the
Rancho Santa Fe region, and the growing number of
Rancho Santa Fe Locksmith price gouging scams.

Rancho Santa Fe is a target for these locksmith
scammers because of the income level of the
city’s occupants. These scammers have saturated the
internet with sites that target the Rancho Santa Fe area,
and surrounding cities. Unfortunately, this has been
happening more and more in the San Diego region
becuase of our high density of hard working\higher
median income families.

If you live in Rancho San Fe or in the surrounding
areas,  make sure your not the next target of this
out of hand consumer scam, and ask the right
questions reguarding your locksmith service.

When calling a locksmith, ask him/her the following questions:

*What is your LCO # (Locksmith License Number)
*Ask them to give you a quote on the entire process (not just how much
the service call will be.)
* When the locksmith arrives ask him/her to see their locksmith license
card, and ask to see their drivers license so you can match the names.
*Verify the same price you were told over the phone, with the locksmith who showed up.

If you following these simple guidelines, you can assure yourself that you will not be the next
victim of the growing number of Rancho Santa fe Locksmith scams.

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Home Store Locks & Cardiff Locksmith Service

Posted on Friday, February 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Big Box Stores Giving Bad Advice on Lock Purchases

Eighty five percent of home improvement store staff approached in a mystery shopper experiment offered shoddy
advice on lock requirements, new research reveals.Commissioned by the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA)
the mystery shopper investigation found that 63 percent of staff in some of the UK’s best known DIY outlets rated
poorly when it came to lock knowledge; while only 15 percent of ‘shoppers’ would rate advice received as satisfactory.

Three scenarios tested lock knowledge on various locking system (open, restricted and patented systems) multiple
occupancy housing regulations and insurance stipulations. Mystery shoppers found a lack of understanding of lock
requirements among staff meant they were not offered the right advice or asked appropriate questions.

Across all of the scenarios some vital questions were overlooked by sales staff, often meaning they were unable to
provide appropriate advice on lock suitability. Following the initial enquiry only a quarter (25 percent) of ‘shoppers’
were proactively asked for more information about what type of lock they needed, while only seven percent of
assistants enquired about the number of keys required and just five percent asked about insurance stipulations.

In addition, none of the staff asked if locks were required for escape doors while less than two percent asked if locks
were required for fire doors; factors which greatly affect retail outlets.

Taken From an Article by Locksmith Ledger Magazine Online

Cardiff Locksmith

The story above is just one of the reasons why it’s always a good idea to have a locksmith in mind before
adding locks to your home or business. The saying ” You get what you pay for”  is true across the board,
especially when purchasing  a cheap home store lock set. The employees at these home stores are paid to
give you good customer service, not to be experts about each product isle. Notwithstanding, there is
number of employees atthese stores who care about their job enough to inform themselves about what they
are selling, but it’s reallya roll of the dice these days.

Mr. Keyman eat, sleeps, and breathes locks, locksmithing, and security. Our job is to employ the best at
what they do, and bring them up to speed on the things they don’t know. We employ lock nerds, safe gurus,
and security experts. Because we do that, are business has grown, and we are now expanding our service
area in San Diego County to be your new Cardiff By The Sea Locksmith. So if you are locked out or need a
locksmith  in Cardiff call your new local Cardiff Locksmith, Mr. Keyman – (760) 439-2500

New Anti Lock Bump Standard – La Jolla Locksmith

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Master Lock  has created a higher standard in anti-lock-bumping door cylinders. In order to quickly assess the
impact this Standard could have, tests on 13 brands of lock cylinders using new ASTM criteria have been
conducted by professional locksmiths at the request of Master Lock Company,” said senior marketing manager
David Kearns.

In these series of tests, locks from only two manufacturers attained the highest level of protection – Grade 6 -
as specified in the Standard. However, locks from only one manufacturer of both door hardware and padlocks -
Master Lock Company – exceeded Grade 6 lock bump test criteria, thanks to patent-pending, BumpStop®
Advanced Cylinder Technology, Web Site:

“The development of these testing criteria by ASTM International recognizes the importance of lock bumping as
a broad-scale security issue, and emphasizes the need for industry standards with which to measure performance
of specific lock products,” said Master Lock Company’s Billy B. Edwards Jr., Certified Master Locksmith.

During the past few years, Edwards pointed out, extensive media publicity and internet “bump key” sales have
turned what once was a little-known (and legitimately used) locksmith technique into a mass-market problem. Bump
keys are readily available and the bumping procedure is so easy “an 11-year-old can do it.” According to safety
experts, 90 percent of American homes are at risk of having a lock bumped, enabling unauthorized entry. Untold
numbers of businesses multiply potential bump-caused security and property loss problems.

Taken From an Article by Locksmith Ledger Magazine Online

La Jolla Locksmith | Responding To Area Residents Concerns

Mr. Keyman has responded to a series of calls regarding break-ins in the La Jolla, San Diego, California area. These
calls are primarily about how to stop or prevent a criminal from breaking into La Jolla area homes and businesses.
We understand the hard target this region is for burglary because of its high income  occupants. Many of these break
in occur because La Jolla residents have contacted a locksmith online or in the Yellow pages, not aware that many
of them are non-licensed scammers. These scammers scan your house or business upon arrival for service, and come
back at a later time to obtain items they saw of value via easy to make Bump Keys. So next time you are looking for a
La Jolla Locksmith and live in La Jolla Farms, La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Heights, Hidden Valley, Country Club, La Jolla
Village, Lower Hermosa, Bird Rock,  Muirlands, La Jolla Mesa, La Jolla Alta, Soledad South, Beach-Barber Tract, or
Upper Hermosa. Please Call Mr. Keyman.  We have a locksmith tech. staff that is put through annual background checks,
and trained in superior customer service. Ensuring your home and property are safe and thoroughly serviced.

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