Mr. Keyman Store Update

Posted on Thursday, October 7, 2010 in Mr. Keyman

What your Looking at is the beginning of a dream conceived just barely over a year ago.

Last August Mr. Keyman was created with the goal of becoming a top notch service franchise. We had goals, a business plan, and  a CEO with a knack for making things happen. The picture above is what  imported Italian tile looks like going into the first Mr. Keyman Security Center.

The Mr. Keyman Security Center was a short term goal for our first year, and the fact that these goals have been met with with surgical precision is badge of honor to the team behind the Mr. Keyman brand. The Mr. Keyman pilot store is on track with our projected November opening date, and promises to deliver where others in the industry have fallen short.

When designing the retail outlet for Mr. Keyman, all manner of things were considered by the design firm hired. Color pallets, implied lines, brand integration, and visual aids to carry our customers around the store to experience all things security. We are assured that customers will receive the Mr. Keyman Security Center with the same warmth and admission as the Mr. Keyman service brand.

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