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Big Box Stores Giving Bad Advice on Lock Purchases

Eighty five percent of home improvement store staff approached in a mystery shopper experiment offered shoddy
advice on lock requirements, new research reveals.Commissioned by the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA)
the mystery shopper investigation found that 63 percent of staff in some of the UK’s best known DIY outlets rated
poorly when it came to lock knowledge; while only 15 percent of ‘shoppers’ would rate advice received as satisfactory.

Three scenarios tested lock knowledge on various locking system (open, restricted and patented systems) multiple
occupancy housing regulations and insurance stipulations. Mystery shoppers found a lack of understanding of lock
requirements among staff meant they were not offered the right advice or asked appropriate questions.

Across all of the scenarios some vital questions were overlooked by sales staff, often meaning they were unable to
provide appropriate advice on lock suitability. Following the initial enquiry only a quarter (25 percent) of ‘shoppers’
were proactively asked for more information about what type of lock they needed, while only seven percent of
assistants enquired about the number of keys required and just five percent asked about insurance stipulations.

In addition, none of the staff asked if locks were required for escape doors while less than two percent asked if locks
were required for fire doors; factors which greatly affect retail outlets.

Taken From an Article by Locksmith Ledger Magazine Online

Cardiff Locksmith

The story above is just one of the reasons why it’s always a good idea to have a locksmith in mind before
adding locks to your home or business. The saying ” You get what you pay for”  is true across the board,
especially when purchasing  a cheap home store lock set. The employees at these home stores are paid to
give you good customer service, not to be experts about each product isle. Notwithstanding, there is
number of employees atthese stores who care about their job enough to inform themselves about what they
are selling, but it’s reallya roll of the dice these days.

Mr. Keyman eat, sleeps, and breathes locks, locksmithing, and security. Our job is to employ the best at
what they do, and bring them up to speed on the things they don’t know. We employ lock nerds, safe gurus,
and security experts. Because we do that, are business has grown, and we are now expanding our service
area in San Diego County to be your new Cardiff By The Sea Locksmith. So if you are locked out or need a
locksmith  in Cardiff call your new local Cardiff Locksmith, Mr. Keyman – (760) 439-2500

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