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Master Lock  has created a higher standard in anti-lock-bumping door cylinders. In order to quickly assess the
impact this Standard could have, tests on 13 brands of lock cylinders using new ASTM criteria have been
conducted by professional locksmiths at the request of Master Lock Company,” said senior marketing manager
David Kearns.

In these series of tests, locks from only two manufacturers attained the highest level of protection – Grade 6 -
as specified in the Standard. However, locks from only one manufacturer of both door hardware and padlocks -
Master Lock Company – exceeded Grade 6 lock bump test criteria, thanks to patent-pending, BumpStop®
Advanced Cylinder Technology, Web Site:

“The development of these testing criteria by ASTM International recognizes the importance of lock bumping as
a broad-scale security issue, and emphasizes the need for industry standards with which to measure performance
of specific lock products,” said Master Lock Company’s Billy B. Edwards Jr., Certified Master Locksmith.

During the past few years, Edwards pointed out, extensive media publicity and internet “bump key” sales have
turned what once was a little-known (and legitimately used) locksmith technique into a mass-market problem. Bump
keys are readily available and the bumping procedure is so easy “an 11-year-old can do it.” According to safety
experts, 90 percent of American homes are at risk of having a lock bumped, enabling unauthorized entry. Untold
numbers of businesses multiply potential bump-caused security and property loss problems.

Taken From an Article by Locksmith Ledger Magazine Online

La Jolla Locksmith | Responding To Area Residents Concerns

Mr. Keyman has responded to a series of calls regarding break-ins in the La Jolla, San Diego, California area. These
calls are primarily about how to stop or prevent a criminal from breaking into La Jolla area homes and businesses.
We understand the hard target this region is for burglary because of its high income  occupants. Many of these break
in occur because La Jolla residents have contacted a locksmith online or in the Yellow pages, not aware that many
of them are non-licensed scammers. These scammers scan your house or business upon arrival for service, and come
back at a later time to obtain items they saw of value via easy to make Bump Keys. So next time you are looking for a
La Jolla Locksmith and live in La Jolla Farms, La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Heights, Hidden Valley, Country Club, La Jolla
Village, Lower Hermosa, Bird Rock,  Muirlands, La Jolla Mesa, La Jolla Alta, Soledad South, Beach-Barber Tract, or
Upper Hermosa. Please Call Mr. Keyman.  We have a locksmith tech. staff that is put through annual background checks,
and trained in superior customer service. Ensuring your home and property are safe and thoroughly serviced.

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