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CARMEL, IN– Schlage Lock Company, LLC announced that it is the target of a patent infringement and false
advertising lawsuit concerning its SecureKey™ rekeyable lock technology. The lawsuit against Schlage was
filed by Kwikset Corporation and alleges that Schlage infringes two Kwikset patents and that Schlage’s
statement that its product is “10 Times More Secure” than competitive products is false. Schlage believes
that Kwikset’s claims are without merit.

“When we set out to design the SecureKey product, we wanted an innovative product that provided a
higher level of security than any other product in our channel, not just a new lock,” said John Evans,
VP of Marketing and Product Management for the Residential Solutions Sector of Ingersoll Rand, the
parent company of Schlage. “Our SecureKey product includes neither of the claimed features covered
by the two Kwikset patents, and we are confident that the statements used in the sale and advertisements
of our products, in their entirety, are correct.”

Schlage believes the Kwikset lawsuit was filed for the improper purpose of attempting to impact Schlage’s
release of the SecureKey rekeyable lock technology into the marketplace. Schlage intends to fully and
vigorously defend its rights in the lawsuit and will seek damages from Kwikset for being forced to defend
itself against these baseless claims.

About the SecureKey Technology

SecureKey locks and deadbolts employ a new high-security design that enables them to be rekeyed in
seconds—without removal from the door and without compromising security. Security is actually
enhanced through the use of a pick-resistant Grade 1* cylinder and a special locking sidebar that protects
against lock bumping. The SecureKey design is 10 times more secure from key duplication than other
rekeyable systems on the market and costs the same as Schlage’s conventional locks. It will be available
in all styles of residential deadbolts and door locks, including handlesets.

A plus sign on the face of the lock cylinder makes it easy to identify SecureKey products, which can be
keyed to other Schlage C keyway 5-pin products, making it easy to manage keys with existing locks.

To read the rest of this article, visit Locksmith Ledger Magazine Online.


Bonsall,Ca Locksmith

Bonsall, Ca

Bonsall, Ca

Mr. Keyman has been keeping up on Locksmith Ledger Magazine’s coverage of this dispute. While we are
neutral on who copied who, we do believe that both companies make lines of product that are good at what
they do best; keeping you safe.

Our recommendation to the consumer is to think about the application your lock will fulfill, then make your
decision based on the pros and cons Kwikset and Schlage have to offer.Just recently we have been expanding our
mobile locksmith coverage to the quiet town of Bonsall ,Ca. . One of our first Bonsall locksmith customers had
purchased a Kwikset Smart Code lock for the front door of their house. The install was not unlike many keypad locks
Schlage manufactures, but the customer wanted integration of his personal security system. Currently this is not
offered for Kwikset’s line, and Mr. Keyman’s mobile locksmith in Bonsall informed our client that Kwiksets
competitor Schalge offers a integrated security system that works with his DIY home security system.

So, what our Bonsall locksmith client ultimately decided was that for his budget, Kwikset’s Smart Code lock was the
better option. He did however like the synthesis of Schalge’s system, but wanted to integrate Schalge’s LiNK with
his existing DIY home security system. Buying the necessary infrastructure to make that happen was not a fiscal option.

SO, to make a long story longer.Even though the current legal proceedings between the two companies have nothing to
do with the Keypad systems that our Bonsall locksmith client inquired about. It does show that two companies who
try to improve on a technology ( modern locks in general ) that has its roots in the pre-industrial age, will do nothing
but take each of the two company’s time slinging mud in the legal arena. The real decider is the consumer’s vote by
purchasing the product that will do two things for them. First, keep them safe when they are away from home and/or
asleep. Secondly,  how seamlessly the technology organically integrates with existing DIY security systems that are
becoming more and more popular with a tech savvy consumer.

It’s not about owning infrastructure, it’s about being the first to “own” the innovation.

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Schalge & Kwikset Enter the Thunderdome| Rancho Santa Fe Locksmith

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LAKE FOREST, Calif. – On March 2, Kwikset Corp. (Kwikset) amended a previously filed patent infringement lawsuit
against Schlage Lock Company LLC (Schlage) for false advertising or “false and misleading claims” involving its
proprietary SmartKey™re-keytechnology.

Kwikset, a leading provider of door hardware and locksets, is alleging that Schlage’s advertising and packaging for
the Schlage SecureKey product contains false and misleading statements – principally that SecureKey products are
“10 Times More Secure” than other lock products.

The suit has been filed in United States District Court for the District of Delaware. In addition to claiming false
advertising, Kwikset seeks an injunction against Schlage for further acts of false advertising, as well as monetary

Kwikset introduced SmartKey re-key technology in April 2007. Schlage introduced SecureKey in mid-January

“For more than 60 years, Kwikset has been a leader in the development of innovative residential door security
hardware and technologies,” said Brent Flaharty, vice president, Marketing, Kwikset. “Our primary goal is, and
has always been, the safety and security of our customers. Kwikset will be as vigilant about protecting our rights
to intellectual property as we are about protecting the public.”

Read the Rest of this article at Locksmith Ledger

Rancho Santa Fe Locksmith

Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe

Mr. Keyman Has Just Added a new location to our
San Diego Locksmith service area. It’s  in response
to the recent number of calls coming out of the
Rancho Santa Fe region, and the growing number of
Rancho Santa Fe Locksmith price gouging scams.

Rancho Santa Fe is a target for these locksmith
scammers because of the income level of the
city’s occupants. These scammers have saturated the
internet with sites that target the Rancho Santa Fe area,
and surrounding cities. Unfortunately, this has been
happening more and more in the San Diego region
becuase of our high density of hard working\higher
median income families.

If you live in Rancho San Fe or in the surrounding
areas,  make sure your not the next target of this
out of hand consumer scam, and ask the right
questions reguarding your locksmith service.

When calling a locksmith, ask him/her the following questions:

*What is your LCO # (Locksmith License Number)
*Ask them to give you a quote on the entire process (not just how much
the service call will be.)
* When the locksmith arrives ask him/her to see their locksmith license
card, and ask to see their drivers license so you can match the names.
*Verify the same price you were told over the phone, with the locksmith who showed up.

If you following these simple guidelines, you can assure yourself that you will not be the next
victim of the growing number of Rancho Santa fe Locksmith scams.

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