What You Should Consider Before Choosing a Carlsbad Locksmith

Posted on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 in Locksmith San Diego

So, here’s the senario.

You get locked out of your home in La Costa, and go next door to your neighbors house to find a locksmith on the Internet. At a time like this, you don’t really think about screening a locksmith company before letting one come out to to your home. You might see Google ads on the top on the search result page saying $29 dollar locksmith, or choose one of the first companies to come up in your search results and call. When you call the dispatcher tells you it will be $35 dollars to come out and help you.

When the locksmith arrives at your Carlsbad home he then tells you the service call is $35 and lock out labor  is going to be $85 dollars. You just want to get back into your home, so you tell him to go ahead. After fiddling with the lock he goes back to his unmarked van and comes back to you door with a drill. The unknown locksmith then goes ahead to drill out the lock because he says the lock cannot be picked.

After drilling the lock, the locksmith puts on a new lock, with new keys and then the total bill comes out to around $250. You hesitate and tell the locksmith that you were told a lesser price, he then bully’s you into paying the inflated price.

Believe it or not this is a typical scenario. The reason being that right now currently there is a nation wide locksmith scam going in the United States. It doesnt matter if you need a Carlsbad locksmith or a Las Vegas locksmith. All over the country this is happening to the over 350,000 people a day who call for lock out service. This locksmith scam is attributed to a network of shady companies who employ non Americans who are here in the country. They do this for two reasons.

One: It’s almost impossible to file a complaint about a un-documented worker. The company attached to the phone number you called could just very well say that the locksmith they sent out there has never been employed by them.

Two: There is no way to track your service call because  the receipt is usually just a piece of paper…not attached to any sort of tracking database. It’s just a generic receipt book that you can purchase at any office supply store.

Don’t be the next notch on the belt of this scam. Call a Carlsbad locksmith that will give you the best price, and the most honest service you can get from a locksmith security company. Typically a lock out costs around $65 dollars total. This includes all labor, and in 90% of cases a legitimate locksmith can pick a lock saving you money and time.

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